I have worked at the Award-winning campus newspaper The Ball State Daily News in a variety of positions including, assistant multi-media editor, and most recently, Enterprise Photographer. During my time there I have garnered a variety of awards and accolades including numerous Gold Circles (Columbia Scholastic Press Association), a regional Mark of Excellence Award (Society of Professional Journalists) and other state and local awards.

During my time at Ball State, I also shot for the campus magazine Ball Bearings for both print and online.

I graduated in May 2015 with a degree in chemistry, since then I have shot for the Central Basketball Association, the Toledo City Paper, Mature Living, Toledo Area ParentImagination Station and Ohio Magazine. Additionally, I produce a variety of content for brands such as Heritor Watches, Crayo Watches, Bertha Fashion, Earthwood Goods, and Simplify Watches– among others. My work has been run in a variety of places including NBC, and WTHR.

Contact Information

Email: jonmiksanek@gmail.com

Phone: (419)-266-4863